In our state-of-the-art facilities, we are constantly upgrading our equipment to ensure we are always at the cutting edge of engineering. Our latest acquisition is a new Dugard CNC mill with a 1.5m bed.

Keating Kinetics engineering workshop

Equipment and capabilities

  • CNC lathe.
  • Manual lathe.
  • CNC Mill 500mm sq bed.
  • Manual vertical mill.
  • 1m enclosed free standing 3D scanner.
  • A wide variety of 3D printing equipment for rapid prototyping and sometimes for production parts.
  • Water jet cutter for prototyping.
  • Artec 3D EVA Scanner
  • Artec 3D Space Spider
    These allow us to scan a full car body and import the data into CAD software for editing.
  • Fully equipped welding facilities TIG, MIG and GAS
  • 6ft Guillotine
  • 3ft Rollers
  • 4ft Box and pan folder
  • 2 wheel rolling road
  • 2 pillar car lift
  • Scaled wind tunnel
  • We have an engine dyno in production which will hopefully be up and running later in 2022.

Engineering Capabilities

  • Highly experienced race trained mechanics.
  • Highly experienced CAA qualified welders and fabricators.
CNC lathe
3D printer
manual mill
3D print & scan suite
waterjet cutter