In our state-of-the-art facility, we can take a project from concept to prototype and on to production information, while working closely with the customer at every stage of the process.

Keeping the entire project in-house means we have complete control over DFM (design for manufacture) with an eye on potential cost savings and possible pitfalls to be avoided.

Keating Kinetics has a long association with high-performance cars and the motorsport industry.

2008 TKR

Keating TKR supercar

The 2008 TKR ran a top speed of 261mph in the California Salt Lake Flats in 2009. Adding 7mph to the then-current record held by Bugatti. Fully designed and built by the Keating team.

2010 Bolt

Bolt supercar

THE 2010 Bolt was built as another record breaker with the intention of hitting 300mph!

Berus Supercar

Berus supercar (concept)

The Berus supercar has been built to outshine all that went before. With stunning looks and aircraft spec engineering, this project is on course to make waves.